Mission & Vision

Our Vision

To be the premier institution that offers teaching and learning programs of the best quality like the Medical Laboratory Technicians, ECG Technicians, EEG Technicians, EMG Technicians, Ophthalmic Assistants, X-ray Technicians etc. who excel and become leaders in the chosen profession contributing to the community, the nation and the world, and prepares individuals of the highest moral fibre.

Our Mission

To fix the criteria for the establishment of Para medical Institutions;

To recognize Para medical institutions

To grant temporary recognition to any institution established before the

commencement of this Act.

Withdrawal of recognition granted to Para medical institutions under thisAct;

Maintenance of register under this Act.

Remove the names of persons under section 22.

Restoration of the names removed from the register undersection 23.

Recognition of qualification for the purpose of the Act.

Framing of regulation.

Delegation of its powers to the Executive Committee.

Conduct inspection of Para medical institutions.